Rio Grande - Jamaica

Rio Grande - Jamaica


Portland, Jamaica


China Harbour Engineering Company LTD




National Works Agency



Project Description

The project comprised the installation of a two-lane road bridge over a large river to replace the previous bridge which was partly
destroyed by Hurricane Dennis in 2005. The project was completed using EMJ's GRP Permadec Formwork system as the
solution for the bridge deck formwork. The steel beams that provide the bearing for the panels were prepared with EMJ sealant
prior to the panels then being laid in position providing a seal between panel and beam to avoid any grout loss when casting the

The main contractors saved valuable time and money by utilising EMJ's GRP Permadec system in which panels span beam to
beam with no additional temporary support required. Traditional formwork systems would have required significant
supporting/propping systems which would have extended the construction period and also increased labour costs.

The GRP Permadec System provides a safe and efficient solution as well as helping to avoid health and safety risk of installations
at height. The system played a vital role in the completion of this important bridge on time and within budget.

Easily transported at low cost, the use of EMJ's GRP Permadec is ideal for international projects. It can be efficiently packaged in
standard steel containers and shipped anywhere in the world.