EMJ Permadec Formwork Panels (Permadec) are primarily designed as permanent bridge beam infill shuttering. However, the many advantages of the strong, lightweight, steel reinforced glass fibre panels extends it’s range of uses to sectors which include the construction of floors, sewage treatment plants, tanks, large area one-piece covers and many other applications.



EMJ Sanquip products are lightweight and extremely durable. They are widely used throughout the UK and further afield in pubs, clubs, schools and major sports stadiums. GRP urinals have been manufactured by EMJ Plastics since 1972.

Specialist Products

EMJ Plastics manufacture and supply an economic plastic-coated permanent formwork board, the GRP coated OSB Board has been designed for use as a permanent deck infill shuttering and hence avoids the use of inconvenient temporary formwork. The Glass Reinforced Polyester Coating is to the soffit side of the finished deck and the top surface is coated with polyester resin.

Bespoke Panels

Panels are factory manufactured to a specific size for each bridge which avoids the majority of site cutting. Substantial labour savings can be achieved as the pre-cut boards are placed on to an EMJ Butyl Bead and Foam Seal onto the Beam Rebate and the butt joints sealed with EMJ Butyl Tape. The Deck is then ready for reinforcement.

Durable, Moisture Resistant & Defect Free

OSB Boards can be supplied in 18mm and 22mm thickness to various different types and grades to suit customer requirements. OSB is manufactured from pine and is durable, moisture resistant and consistently free of defects such as knots, voids or splits.


Other Products

As well as out core and specialist products we are also capable of supplying the following:

Cladding for Bridges & Buildings
Specialist Moulds for Water Utilities • Pier and Column Moulds
Coffer Moulds
Tunnel Liners
Small Span Roofs
Patterned Wall Shutters
Canopies and Architectural Features
Custom Built Mouldings

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